Shine on- Shine Through

Beyond NO

Every step.. we risk!!!

the chance of the window being closed–But light and salt

gives us the plan, to think,,beyond NO..

What if, the Window’s are open!!!,, That’s my knocking skills.

Every, time, we depend on the Divine,, we seek the vine, that never runs dry..

Its’ the new new news– nothing but ALL off you required!!..

Get it–Get him, and never give-UP on Grace.

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Trinity- Awesome- Power

Trinity- Awesome- Power.

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Trinity- Awesome- Power

Do it, like MIKE..
Say it, like Malcolm..
and take it, back like Nelson…

Sticking to us, like the glue, it takes, to master piece our PATH>

Do it, the IT, is the force that favors our ability> to say, it walk, and share our favor, in our talk!.

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I do-Did,,so you DON”T!!!!

Don’t say that Sam, No one stands for Sexual Abuse!!??

Funny, bunny, and o so dummy!! God sent Jesus Christ to save sinners like US,,,

You think, he just stood—naw, he was called to go hard, for those whom search for more, then the mind, for more then coins, 

BUT we reach for our soul!!

know—-!!!!! who should not speak!!!===HAHA I never close my heart, I just try to get closer, and closer to Sweet Baby JC:-))


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Unpopular Chief

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Feed Urself

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Hard As Messiah, is the frame of mind, I keep in me, like a street light that comes on every evening, or even better like the cashmere socks u put on before a long mission day… In the past 19 years,,yep 19 years, I have witnessed and had the privilege 2 watch my sister Yolanda Collier, make her world, her children world, they had the push of endurance through there mother, auntie ME, uncles and cousin,…Her children Darien and Deyana with my eldest nephew Robert is My fam..Our unity has been the true example of what GOD can and how his WILL, does work, when we as the LORD children ,in breaking the cycle of confusion fear, worry and abuse,while WE salute Peace, Joy, and Rich 4 Eva motivation…

#2Thankful,,,Ready and LEE-Go God!!

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